“I love it that you don’t give up”

Whether losing a game or a vote, engaging a challenging work, or failing to make it across the monkey bars – our heroes have experiences every day that disappoint them.

And yet – after the tears have run their course and hugs have been received, they inevitably have a choice to make; will I stay sad and give up, or will I choose to be a hero? And then I hear cheering happening (sometimes welcomed and sometimes not – and yet, it is CHEERING!) – “Yay ____ (insert name)!!! And even a chanting of their name, as their studio mates encourage them to keep getting up; to keep trying again.

Slowly, but surely, it is happening. Our heroes are learning to get back up – facing and then living beyond their disappointments.

This week, we had the privilege of celebrating our first birthday in the studio! Instead of our daily “secret question” challenge, we engaged in “secret card-making” :-). Each hero made their own birthday card with a secret message inside of what they love and admire about the birthday hero. Then, as the afternoon ceremony drew closer, we gathered around the seasons mat and celebration sun to admire the miracle of LIFE on planet earth and the miracle of life inside each one of us. As the birthday hero carried the globe on the path around the sun, we went around the circle and shared what we admire about her. Many shared how kind she is, how empathetic to others’ feelings she is, and even mentioning that she is powerful and strong. Another hero (who is also learning how to live beyond disappointment) shared, “I love it that you don’t give up.” Such a beautiful little glimmer of the seeds that are being sown deep into their hearts.

If our children discover a love of learning coupled with a strong growth mindset to receive disappointments as learning opportunities and to GET BACK UP, we will be preparing them to discover their impact in real life. There inlies the gold, and my deepest desire for our heroes.

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